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BIM objects

We prepare essential documents for the BIM object production

BIM objects are the digital representation of buildings, technological units, individual objects and natural surfaces in 3D format, with specific properties that can be further used in other professions related to design, building or construction. Our task is to provide documents for the subsequent creation of BIM objects.

We offer our services in the area of preparing documentation for the subsequent creations of BIM objects

For the companies involved in BIM object creations we record selected real objects using the professional 3D scanner Leica RTC360. We are able to „colorise“ the scanned, cloud point form objects with photographs, providing the clients with the most accurate as well as realistic documentation for the actual production of BIM objects. 3D scanning allows us to quickly and efficiently capture large amounts of data, regardless of the shape complexity and size of the scanned object, without having to manually measure and model each object.

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